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Teachings and Sermons
These are archives of teachings given at Fellowship of Hope.
All writings here are used by permission and are the sole property of the writer. Please do not copy or otherwise use without permission from author


May 28 video: Sharon Norton -sermon May 28

May 21 Anxiety and Hope -Sharon —text

video: Anxiety and Hope -Sharon

April 30 Sharon's Sermon

April 9 Easter Keith K sermon/testimony

April 7 -video-Elkhart Mennonite Churches Good Friday service at Hively Ave

March 26 Sharon Norton -John 11 -a Hot Mess

March 19 March 19 -Sharon Norton -John 9

March 5 For God So Loved the Cosmos-John 3 -Sharon

February 26 Matthew 4 -Sharon Norton sermon

February 12.Sharon Norton Sharon%20Norton%20-%20first%20sermon%202-12b

January 22 Keith on the Beatitudes2023-01-22%20Keith

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