Worship schedule and Calendar

We worship each Sunday beginning at 10:00 with a fellowship time [hot drinks and snacks]. We gather together for corporate worship at 10:30. Worship, led by a variety of people ranges from contemplative style to more structured teaching time surrounded by scripture and song. Children stay for the beginning time of worship and then are sent to a Sunday school time for themselves.

During the week there are various small groups who meet to support and pray together.
Men's breakfast and sharing time meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 7:30 at the meeting house. It includes sharing time and a book focus of conversation.
Women's groups are coordinated by Elaine Miller. There is a sharing time the first Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm at Elaine's house. There is also a women's Bible study at the meeting house on the third Tuesday of the month.

FOH Pentecost 2022
June 5- to August
For our Pentecost theme, we will be considering the image of tongues of fire in
conversation with the images of the “architecture of selfhood” from Betty Pries’ book, The Space
Between Us. At Pentecost, the one Spirit alighted on each of them - separate tongues on the
separate people, symbolizing the One taking unique form in the many, the gospel translated into
their own language.) This was God being revealed in a new way post-resurrection. In our postresurrection season of Pentecost, we will be celebrating the unique way God expresses in and
through each person at FOH. God has been at work in our deeper selves, our descriptive
selves, and yes, even our defended selves. God has been at work in our relationships, and
among the different groups and the whole body of FOH. God has been at work in our building,
in our flower beds, in the Re-membering garden and the broader neighborhood. In this season
of Pentecost, we will be practicing having eyes to see the unique flame of the one God on each
person; we will be practicing having ears to hear the unique story of God’s work in each of us.
Stories for/in place of sermons
For the homily time in worship, we will have a series of testimonies, that is, people
sharing their stories. These will take unique forms in each person, though they will be invited to
speak in response to the theme above and the Pentecost story more generally. For those willing
and comfortable enough, this may include framing their story in terms of their descriptive,
defended and deeper selves. One way or another, we expect to hear stories from people that
share some of their deeper selves and the way the gospel is being translated into their lives,
and the way they have seen God bringing resurrection and communion in their lives.
We will begin worship each week indoors and many weeks move outside. This
movement of the people will embody a movement of the Spirit. Our outside time may include
pondering different elements of the garden or other plantings around, celebrating the new life in
the neighborhood, such as the Tolson re-opening, the beauty in the planting beds, and other
tangible signs of new life and resurrection.
Sharing bread
Toward the end of worship each week, we will celebrate with substantial amounts of
bread and juice. The juice will be mixed with fizzy (pneuma-infused) water. This will not be a
liturgical element of the service, it will rather be a sharing time. For example, the people on one
side will have bread, those on the other will have two cups of juice. Those with bread will be
invited to share with the juice people, and share a bit in response to a creative prompt (a rule
they may conspire together to break and share about something else).

Pentecost Worship Template - Re-membered by fire and selfhood
“Inside time”
Gathering song
Thank you;
Thank you;
Thank you—
“the words that come before all else.”
For many peoples, words of gratitude are a priority when gathering;
they are fundamental in our faith tradition too.
So at the beginning of our worship gathering, we say:
Thank you, Creator God, for making and loving the world;
Thank you, all plants and waters and creatures for giving us all we need to live;
Thank you, all peoples of faith and good will, for caring for the common good;
Thank you, members of this small community of faith in Elkhart, Fellowship of
Hope, for loving one another and together seeking the Beloved Community in this
We give thanks…. Open prayers
We give thanks!
Words of welcome
Songs of praise
Memory verse
Scripture: from the Revised Common Lectionary (see below) or the
storyteller’s choice
Children to SS

“Outside time”
Song as we move outside
Garden time
Sharing bread and pneuma-infused juice Garden, sharing bread and drinks,
hearing joys and concerns, etc.
Lord’s Prayer
Sending song

Link to the worship schedule and responsibilities:Worship schedule for Pentecost

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